So, I have a dilemma... I have tons of ideas of creative outlets but I'm not sure what is the thing that "I love". I feel blessed to be able to have success with whatever I put my mind to, however, I also feel like a severe ADD kid with a stack of presents on Christmas.

We have a new fancy Canon camera, a new home in Hawaii, art supplies to be creative, the time to make things happen, and the desire to put it all together! But, within the pages of ideas I know there is that one thing that "is IT" but figuring it out is like a needle in a haystack.

I have a zillion-and-one ideas, the support of my husband, and now I just need to find out how to live the life I love!  I have always embraced the quote: "Don't ask yourself what the world needs, instead ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." For me, I have two areas of my life: my spiritual side and my creative side. This quote pertains to both! I think everyone has a gift and a calling. A gift (or talent) is something they are good at; teaching, bookkeeping, engineering, construction, etc. A calling is a God-given design; your unique spiritual gifts and character traits; service, leadership, prophecy, preaching, encouraging, etc. All of those examples are a few brief ideas that popped into my head as examples.
So for this area of my life, it's all about creativity. I'm curious about your input and thoughts!!

I want to make, create, share, & do something artistically helpful. Maybe I'll be an entrepreneur with as a mobile military wife! But what exactly? I don't know!! I have lists of ideas!!  Here are a few that I want to know your thoughts on...

-creating a DIY tips blog
-selling arts & crafts on Etsy
-consulting women for interior design on a dime
-sharing my home projects so others can try them
-selling creative flavors, with tasteful design
-write a book about my experiences as a military wife
-build small furniture items
-paint canvases or mixed media art pieces
-make jars/buckets for events (example: Housewarming Jar, etc!)
-arrange flowers
-organize peoples homes
-build organizational or office related quirky usable art
-write poetry and compile it in a book or website (I love writing poems actually!)
-make Dream Boxes for weddings, birthdays, etc.
-be a crafter of anything cute or repurposed for my FuzzCreations shop

Then the question is, am I doing it for a vocation or avocation? So many people have blogs or are independent consultants. What would set me apart??

Do I start a store on Etsy?  Do I rework and create a "hopefully successful" DIY blog? Do I become an independent consultant for decorating or a free-lanced artist??!

Let me know your thoughts, I'm curious and always open to possibilities... :)

PS: I'm learning how to use BlogSpot, so let me know on facebook if you can't post a comment!