Who Am I?

Hi! I'm Fuzz...well sort of. My name is Audra, yet growing up I had wild curly blonde hair and a personality to match that earned me the nickname from my sister, as Fuzz. I enjoy being creative and thus all you see on this site is about me, FuzzCreations!


I'm in the post college, mid-married, no kids phase of life that many people find themselves in a time of molding their identity. Do we shape ourselves from our past or something completely new for our future? I finally broke free of my own limited view of my potential last year while my husband was serving in Iraq. I made myself into a cocktail of creations: a dash of my childhood, a solid grasp upon my faith and family, while adding a sprinkle of artistic inspiration. Volia! The new ever evolving me!

So why blog? I'm wondering the same thing, however, I'm excited that I took an online typing test and got 75wpm and realized my stream of consciousness might be better expressed in type than written words. I'm trying to learn the techno-lingo and remember to update!Since my husband and I have moved several times, this also gives our scattered loved ones an opportunity to stay connected. I am going to try and see how it goes while we are in the isolated Ozark town of our current location. I'm an ecclectic old soul with sparks of intuition to be anything I want to be: can I shoot a bow and arrow? I haven't, but why not. Did I make a lamp from repurposing old books? Oh yes! Can anyone else say organizing and coffee chats are equally enjoyable? I do!
I am an aspiring artist of many trades who is discovering what it means to love the life I live and to live the life I love.  My marriage to my high school sweetheart and his military career keep us busy, but we're blessed.

Count your blessings instead of sheep and start being positive!
(I always need a reminder...)

We have moved into a new world: a new island, new car, new home, new job, new friends, new adventures. I am not sure what God has in store for my life but I'm learning how to listen.

Opportunity awaits...

Thanks so much!!

Audra :)