250 in 2: The Drive

250 in 2
Happy Monday!
What does 250 in 2 mean, you might ask?
Well I realized this week that within two days, I put 250 miles on my car!
Crazy, right?
So we are currently staying in a hotel down in Waikiki waiting for permanent housing since we just moved to the island. We actually arrived on Oahu in mid-Oct and have been at the Double Tree Hotel ever since. The staff has been wonderful but we are ready for a home. So we are in Waikiki, and my hubby works between Schofield Barracks and Hickam Air Force Base. I am a temporary shuttle service for him until we his 1975 International Scout 'street legal' for a Hawaii inspection. It is odd to think that we live on an island of about 30x40 miles in size yet everything is far apart.

Here is what one of my crazier days looked like...

2:00-4:00AM Couldn't sleep.
4:50AM Wake up.
5:30AM Leave Waikiki, drive hubby to Hickam.
6:00AM Arrive at Hickam.
6:30AM Drive back to Waikiki.
7:00AM-9:00AM Prepare for an interview.
45 minute drive from Waikiki to Waipahu for said interview.
1 1/2 hour interview.
From Waipahu go to Kapolei to pick up our mail at my cousins house.
12:00-1:00PM Leave Kapolei and meet friend at Schofield Barracks.
1:00-4:00PM Hang with friend.
5:00PM Drive in rush hour traffic from Schofield Barracks to pick up hubby at Hickam.
6:00PM Leave Hickam to get home to Waikiki.
7:00-8:00PM Walking to a restaurant for dinner (we don't have a kitchen!)
9:00PM Unload from interview/work/get back to hotel.
10:00AM Bed.


Pinterest Pasttimes...

Check this out!!
I rearranged my pinterest boards
 and have been doing some
prehome decorating,
holiday hosting and
dreaming about DIYs!


Hawaiian Football Game

This weekend we received free tickets to see a college football game!! We bought shirts to blend in with UH, had great seats and enjoy a date night together. We had heard that the season wasn't the best but the game we went to was great! The score was 23 to 7 and we won! University of Hawaii Football

One of my favorite things to eat are soft pretzels. You know that going to any sports game you will probably find some. I was so excited and got one! The only problem is, aren't they normally hot? Or at least warm? The vendor lady used a spray bottle to adhere the salt and so it was a cold yet slightly wet 'soft pretzel'. Oh well. I still ate it-it dried and exercised my jaw! Ha.

I'm thankful we had the chance to go, so thank you Veterans United for the tickets!!