If it has brick around it,
or if it has brick in it,
I turn my head and absolutely love it!
Inside a modern city loft, outside on an historic walkway, or simply a quintessential bungalow; it just works all because of one simple brick layered upon another.

Reminscent of travels and stories past told, a brick wall gives off the coziness of grandma's house and the adventure of a new location.

Bricks are a structurally a simple foundation support that has been around for centuries. Yet somehow our fast past society has allowed bricks to transcend time by creative appreciation because it reflects simple pleasures.

Bricks creatively hold the architectural personality of all spaces, like the idealistic balcony of Juliet or the bay window of a Great Lakes traditional home.

I love the warmth, history, stories, and interests an exposed brick wall gives off. 

Without a brick wall this room would be simply a bed, but it adds a refined character to the space.

A juxtaposition of edgy clear bar stools next to the aged brick island is a perfect balance that makes me turn my head.

I love the patina that bricks bring to the visual asthetic of any space.

One day,
I would love to have a home
with an exposed brick wall. Maybe I could make
an end table out of bricks, or a table?
Possibly just one old brick
borrowed from a European village walkway
to support a patio door?
I will
into my life...
Brick Decor "How To"

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