New Job!!

My new job as an interior designer with Cathy Lee Style!
Cathy has such a big name here in Hawaii for design. I'm so humbled to be able to work with her. While we were in a hotel in Waikiki, I went to Hiking Hawaii Cafe every morning and talked with Crystal who happend to be close friends with Cathy and suggested I talk with her about a job. Without her, I would not have a job! Then through a trial period, sharing my passion and background, Cathy hired me as her new designer. We share the self-taught eye for design. These ladies are amazing and feel free to check out everything about them-there's soo much!
I'm so excited about this job but it has already been a whirlwind. Courtney is moving away and I'm coming in at the perfect time to switch. Here are a few photos from only one space we did.
We just finished a project with Y. Hata Foodservice Distribution for a 12 room refesh and Cenntenial Gala.
 Me, Julie (personal assistant & project manager), Cathy (owner/designer), & Courtney (design assistant who is moving home to Rhode Island).
Y. Hata leadership team and design team!

 This is the before of "The Lounge" which was 2 metal containers put together to become the new employee breakroom, or Lounge.
 Some items from West Elm, CS Wo, and others from my favorite store...starts with a TJ...
This white bubble is a white board and the dart board is on a chalkboard paint wall. Both of which the employees can have fun writing on. This area also will be great for charging phones at the reclaimed basketball floor long table we had custom made.

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