Scissor Grass

It never occurred to me that when mowing the lawn, it would actually turn into a dust storm because of our basically dessert collection of weeds: aka: grass. This weekend in my attempt to be a responsible home owner (renter) we watered the grass and cut the trim with a weed whacker. Simple, right?

Since we will be moving soon we haven't purchased a lawn mower or weed whacker. Who knew those were the hottest commodity in the entire Ozarks! People apparently dumpster dive for these items or share. I don't have the heart to do a drive by neighbor stalking session so we have borrowed these yard appliances. A few weeks ago the new neighbor down the street was trashing a lawn mower and after my hubby's encouragement to snag it, I knocked on the door (like a civil dumpster diver) and asked if they were keeping the lawn mower. They said I could have it! My hubby fixed it up and we now have a great mower for free. :)

This weekend we used our great machine, but it doesn't always get the edges so our lovely neighbors still get that random door knock to borrow their weed whacker. Since they were away at the moment and I was eager to complete the yard I agreed to a DIY version. First, I did some preparing for those tall pesky weeds by stomping the edges like a freak with my feet! Then I did another stomping session right in front of the mower while my hubby carefully mowed forward. So I'm sure our neighbors were home and laughing at us. The lawn mower got most of the tall unruly weeds but the others I figured I would help-with scissors.

Can you imagine it? My husband mowing our basically dead lawn of weeds in the 100 degree Saturday weather with a big dust funnel forming above him, then myself bending over like a crazy person cutting all the edges of our yard around the patio with scissors! It worked, it just made me laugh :)

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